SEO is search engine optimization. When done correctly, your website get free long term traffic from Google, Bing, and other search engines. Websites like Eros and Slixa focus heavity on SEO to get traffic. They resell the traffic to you through escort ads. Some providers don’t depend on advertising to get new clients because their sites do very well on search engines.

Getting traffic straight from search engines is the more future proofed way to protect your business. You don’t have to fear whether an advertising platform is going out of business due to changing laws targetting sex workers.

However, SEO is the long game. It takes at least one to three months to start seeing the benefits of SEO. More importantly, successful SEO is not guaranteed because it can, sometimes, become a moving target.

Layers of SEO

SEO can be broken down to many different topics, but everything eventually returns to four basic layers:

  • Keyword Research
  • On-Page SEO / Page Speed / Site and Server Settings
  • Link Building
  • Fixing Errors & Sabotage

Keyword Research

Having the right keywords is extremely important. For example, what if focused entirely on the phrase “escort website design”, but our potential clients search only for “companion site design”? Having the wrong keywords is like training for a big race then running in the wrong direction.

SEO has multiple layers and it’s not easy to grasp immediately. Because of that, there’s a lot of room for companies to trick clients into buying bogus SEO services. For example, it’s not much use paying someone to help you become #1 for your own first and last name because your name will barely get searched for. Additionally, you can get to number one for your own name, by yourself. You don’t need to pay an SEO company to do that.

Now, if you hire an SEO expert to help you become number for “Los Angeles escort” and they deliver exactly that, that would be VERY impressive. “Los Angeles escort” is a competitive phrase many people search and compete for.

Keyword research is discovering what you need to target. If you can’t pay or don’t want to pay a real SEO expert to research for you, using the Los Angeles example above, basic keywords you would need to focus on are:

  • Los Angeles escort
  • Escort in Los Angeles, CA
  • Los Angeles upscale escort
  • Los Angeles VIP escort
  • Luxury escort in Los Angeles

It’s not an exact list, but you get the point. If you’re not from Los Angeles, replace the city name. There’s also keywords like “companion” and “provider” but “escort is much more popular.

On-Page SEO / Page Speed / Site and Server Settings

To take care of this layer, you need some technical knowledge, but it’s more accessible to beginners than keyword research. Here’s a basic check list for on-page SEO:

  • Is your page texts or content unique? If your content is plaigiarized from another site, Google will penalize you for duplicate content. That’s why it’s important to hire legit writers that don’t just copy and paste from other sites and important to double check their work.
  • Every page has its main keywords or phrase in the title tag.
  • Every page has one set of H1 tags around the main keywords. HTML5 says more than one set of H1 tags are allowed per page, but that’s HTML5, not SEO. Stick to one set of H1 tags per page.
  • Outside of H1 tags, you’re using one or multiple H2 tags with keywords in them.
  • Images are optimized to reduce size and load quickly. Google likes fast websites. Three-second load time is average to bad. Two seconds is good. One second is great.
  • Image names use keywords too. “los-angeles-escort-your-stage-name.jpg” is better than “your-stage-name-1543434.jpg”.
  • Every page has a canonical URL.
  • Meta description for each page has relevant information. In recent years, Google has made improvements to automatically populate meta description with relevant content based on what you page is displaying, but if you notice meta descriptions are a bit off when double checking your Google indexed pages, then go back and set a custom meta description for each questionable page.
  • Use keywords in every image “alt” attribute.
  • Are CSS and JS minified and optimized to load quickly?
  • Replace Flash with images or HTML5 videos with transcripts underneath. Anything contained in Flash is simply not SEO friendly.
  • Do you have SSL turned on? Use “https://” to access your website — for example — to see if it returns an error. If it does, then you don’t have SSL turned on. SSL technology serves as a layer of protection for your site and Google likes secured websites so it ranks them higher than unsecured sites.
  • Do you have any missing pages and are those missing pages “301 redirected” to relevant pages or at least the home page?
  • Does your site use an internal link structure?
  • Are you using a site map file or page to help Google easily index your pages?
  • Is your site mobile friendly?

Link Building

Say you have keyword research and on-page SEO done correctly, now it’s time to get other sites to link to you. The number of sites linking to you for the exact keywords that you want is a part of how Google determines your rankings.

If you want to be ranked for “escort website design” but other sites link to you as “star wars” for some unexplanable reason then you’re not going to rank well for “escort website design”.

Link building is almost an art. There are many ways to do it sneakily, creatively, correctly, and wrongly. It depends on how you want to go about it.

  • You can wait and see, which rarely works.
  • You can pay people to link to you. You’re not supposed to because you’re essentially tricking Google and Google doens’t like that but companies do it anyway. There’s an entire industry based on buying/selling links. Before you go spending a ton of money on buying links, 50,000 links for $50 is definitely NOT legit. If you do something like that, that’s your express ticket to getting penalized by Google.
  • You can do interviews and write for legit online publications that allows you to link back to your site.
  • You can create viral content that many people naturally want to link back to.

Fixing Errors & Sabotage

As your site grows and change over time, there will be missing pages or unexpected errors as you make edits, delete and create new pages. It’s your responsibility to fix those errors. Google doesn’t like sites with many errors. Also, you need to keep an eye on who is linking to you to prevent someone sabotaging your effort.

Going back to the examples above. Hypothetically, wants to be known for “escort website design” but our competition wants that as well so they purchase 50,000 cheap links pointing to Courtesan Creative as “star wars”. That would be big problem wouldn’t it?

Luckily, Google does offer tools to help you keep an eye on your progress and undo anything damaging done by your competition. If SEO becomes an important part of your business, they key is to always actively monitor it before it’s too late to undo the sabotage.

How to get search engine traffic without professional help

SEO is a long term strategy and legit SEO services can begin at $250/month. If you put too many eggs in the SEO basket, your budget for advertising will be depleted for not much immediate return on investment.

Social media and paying for advertising gets you very little traffic compared to a successful SEO campaign, but social media and advertising are very effective for short term gains.

If you’re interested in doing SEO, but don’t have the budget to hire a professional then I recommend adding a blog to your site. Google loves content, especially long form content. Spend some of your free time writing about your city and what makes you a unique escort. Two articles per week is 104 articles per year. If your site has 104 pages on Google, but your competition has only 10 and they don’t know the importance of SEO then for sure you will out rank the competition.

You can also SEO your social media profiles by making sure profile titles and descriptions contain the right keywords. For example, at the time of writing this article, the only page in Google’s top 10 results for “Los Angeles mature escort” that link to an independent provider is a Twitter profile link. When you click on the link, it sends you to a profile with “Los Angeles Mature Escort” as the title. Surprised? Well, there you go!

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