Getting found for your own name on search engines is a very specific goal. You don’t need to fully understand SEO to get it done. No need to hire someone for a monthly fee or even a one-time fee. For this tutorial, we’re going to use Heather Strong’s website,, as the example. Simply follow the steps below to learn how to do it yourself.

(But first, why do you need to get high search engine rankings for your own name? Generally, you don’t. It’s more beneficial to get high rankings for more generic phrases like “Los Angeles escort”. But if you advertise on sites like Eros that doesn’t allow linking back to your personal site then it’s convenient to be #1 for your own name so that clients browsing Eros can easily hop over to Google and search for your personal site to get more info. Having a website that ranks first for its own name or related keywords can help you look more like a credible companion.)

Step 1: Make sure your site has been indexed

Go to and search for “” without the quotation marks. If your site is indexed, you will see results related to your website URL. In this case, is already indexed and here’s what that search returned:

Step 1 Notes

  • If your site hasn’t been indexed, ask your web host whether your “robots.txt” file is blocking search engines from indexing your site.
  • If your site is only a few days old, then more than likely Google hasn’t gotten around to indexing it. To help speed up the process, link to your site via Twitter postings.
  • If you’re using WordPress, make sure the option at “Settings > Reading > Discourage search engines from indexing this site” is not marked.
  • If your stage name or alias is not included in the page titles, make sure that it is. Notice how the example above has at least “Heather Strong” and “Escort” in almost every page title. With a name like Heather Strong, you most likely won’t be number one for exactly Heather Strong, but you could be first for “Heather Strong escort” and that’s good enough.

In Heather’s case, she is number one for “Heather Strong escort” as you can see here:

Step 2: Submit your site link to as many free and open directories as possible

The second step to moving up the rankings for your own name or site URL is getting other websites to link to you. Unless you have 150 friends with websites ready and willing to link to you as Heather Strong, submit your site to any directory willing to accept your link, even if you don’t plan on buying advertising at those directories. The goal is to get the links.

Search for “escort directory” on Google and start submitting your link to sites that either allow linking or does banner exchanges.

The easiest places to get links are your own social media profiles. Create as many social media profiles as you can and link them back to your site, even if you don’t plan on using all profiles.

Don’t limit yourself to just friends, directories, and social media profiles. If you can think of other ways, do it.


  • Make sure your site is indexed and page titles include your own name plus the word “escort”.
  • Get as many links as possible through friends, free directories, and social media profiles.

Twitter profiles tend to have an easier time ranking for personal names. If your profile is first for your name on Google and the profile links back to your site, that works too. The same goes for any public page ranking well for your name. Sometimes, you join a site and forget you have a profile there only to find out it’s the top result for your name. Get access to that page and put a link back to your own site.

Follow my SEO for Escorts Guide for more ways to optimize your website.